Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Amnesty Now! Save London Met Uni!

UNISON and UCU members vote to support our international students 100%
When? 1pm on Weds 5th September

Where? Outside the Home Office on Marsham Street.

Called by: London Met UCU and London Met UNISON.

Supported by: National Union of Students, London Met SU, NUS Black Students' Campaign, Students Association of Nigerians in Diaspora (SAND), National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, University of London Union, Education Activist Network, Student Broad Left, SOAS SU, Next Generation Labour, University of Leicester Students' Union.

To add your organisation to the list - email NUS Black Students' Officer aaron.kiely@nus.org.uk.

Sign the Petition:

Amnesty for international students at London Metropolitan University

Early day motion 437

Send a letter to your MP too and ask them to sign EDM 437  http://www.nus.org.uk/en/letter-writing/support-for-london-metropolitan-university-and-international-students/

London Met SU are asking students to bring suitcase/bags so that we can use them build a massive pile in front of the Home Office and we are asking everyone to bring their national flags!

Act now to defend international students from a vicious Tory attack!

The Tory government's assault on international students has stepped up a gear this week, with moves to deport more than 2,600 students currently studying at London Met University.

London Met University's licence to teach and recruit students from outside the EU has been revoked, meaning that over 2,600 international students will soon have only 60 days to find a place at another university or be forced to leave the country without completing their studies.

With their future on the line, thousands of pounds of tuition fees spent and serious doubts over whether they will be able to finish their degrees it is no surprise that international students at London Met are fearful.

Lecturers at London Met have called for a lobby/protest outside of the Home Office on Wednesday 5 September at 1pm demanding that the 2,600 international students are allowed to complete their studies. Please spread the word.

UNISON and UCU have a list of demands on the Governors

Early day motion 437

That this House calls on the Home Secretary to reverse the decision of the UK Border Agency to suspend London Metropolitan University's right to recruit overseas students; believes it is grossly unfair on those existing overseas students who attend university and will now be forced to move elsewhere or face removal from the UK; further calls on the Home Office and the university to work together to resolve any administrative issues and not threaten the future of the university; and also believes that this decision has very damaging and serious consequences for every university and will further deter overseas students from choosing to study in the UK.


You can ask your MP to sign EDM 437 via:

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